Monday, 23 August 2010

Google Docs

I haven't used Google Docs before but I found it easy peasy to get the hang of. It's so simple to use and such a helpful tool that it makes you wonder why it wasn't available before. I think it's a really useful way for people to collaborate on projects as you only have a single document rather than multiple ones so you are never unsure as to which version is the current one. I also like that you can share different types of documents, like presentations, spreadsheets and drawings. I used it to create the fantastic(!) stick-man picture shown here, which I then sent to a colleague.

Sharing your piece of work with others is super-fast too, just enter their email address and they will receive a direct link to it. I think it could be really useful for librarians as a way to work together with colleagues on joint projects. As that meerkat off the tele says: "Simples!"

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